Attackerman at H Block

GUANTANAMO BAY — This is a self-portrait in H Block of Camp Six, a communal-living detention facility modeled on a Michigan prison.

I got to see Camps Four and Six today, two of the nine facilities that comprise Camp Delta. A surprisingly text-heavy slideshow is at the Washington Independent. Every photo I snapped was vetted by military public-affairs officials for operational security concerns. They rejected and we destroyed six photos out of something like 80 that I took. I didn’t contest any rejected photographs. I mention this to give a sense of the restrictions the press is under here.

I saw Camp Four — where the “compliant” detainees live communally — in 2005, and not much struck me as different. My press tour-group didn’t get to see Five. A shame: I would have liked to compare it to what I saw five years ago. Camp Six seemed like what would happen if you put Camp Four into the imposing, federal-prison-style structure of Camp Five. The thing we never stood a chance of seeing? Camp Seven, where “high-value detainees” reside. I know not a single other detail about the camp besides that. At least now Guantanamo officials acknowledge its existence.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman