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Obama Superman

Clark Kent

Obama’s critics constantly portray him as a "weak-livered pole-cat!"


But after the passage of Obama’s landmark healthcare reform, the child-like faith of Obamabots all over America was apparently justified! Although…

Lois Lane

Hard-boiled editor Perry White wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as Lois Lane, because…


Obamacare depends on $455 billion in spending cuts from Medicare!

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Jacob Freeze

Jacob Freeze

I'm a painter and photographer who supplements his meager income by hurling rotten fruit and screaming "Welcome to the Bu!" at the Humvees of hedge-fund managers and their nightmare spawn who get stuck in the ridiculously narrow drive-through at McDonald's in Malibu. They inevitably poop their pants and abandon the vehicle, which I subsequently strip and sell for parts, and that is how I can afford to live in Malibu.