This is a story which should be old news, but painfully few know it ever happened. Now there ought to be a few more.

During the heyday of the Cold War — swashbuckling years for secret agents — one man seems to have been everywhere: CIA operative E. Howard Hunt, a regular Dirty Howie.

Hunt was very involved in the numerous anti-Castro operations of the late 50’s – early 60’s, including Bay of Pigs. Many JFK researchers tied him to the Kennedy assassination. He has also been placed at the scene of the still-mysterious Chappaquiddick incident. But Hunt is most famous for being convicted in the Watergate burglary.

Hunt had always denied any involvement with the Kennedy assassination, even though he was implicated by fellow CIA operative Marita Lorenz in sworn testimony. The big news — duly suppressed by all the mainstream media — came in 2007. Hunt, near death, made a series of videotapes in which he confessed that the Kennedy assassination was in fact carried out by CIA.

According to Hunt, the assassination was authorized by Vice President Lyndon Johnson; this point had also been theorized for decades. The agents put in charge were two of Kennedy’s CIA nemeses: Cord Meyer, whose wife had an affair with Kennedy, and William Harvey, who was on the outs after a big confrontation with Robert Kennedy, the attorney general.

Others implicated by Hunt were also well known to researchers, especially Frank Sturgis, David Philips and David Morales. Hunt minimized his own role in the operation and he completely omitted the person believed to have been his direct supervisor in Dallas: George H.W. Bush. Nonetheless, what should have been earth-shattering news was relegated to obscure corners of the internet.