Big development today in a class-action sex discrimination suit against Walmart :

The California-based 9th circuit court of appels announced on Monday that its 11 judges had voted 6-5 to support a lower court decision to grant class status to the complaint, which was filed in 2001 on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Walmart women employees.

The case, Dukes v Wal-Mart, was originally brought in the names of seven former female employees by the Impact Fund, a San Francisco-based legal group specialising in human rights cases. The plaintiffs also filed affidavits from more than 120 Walmart employees, arguing that the company’s male-dominated culture had placed barriers in the way of women seeking promotion to the level of store manager. It sought to cover all women who worked at the retailer from December 1998 until the present, alleging that they had faced systematic discrimination both in wages and in being passed over for promotions.

Some might argue that the ongoing suit is excessive since Walmart has done a better job of promoting women and minorities in recent years. But others contend that these improvements have happened only because of consistent protests and legal actions such as this. Continued accountability is required.

What do you think? What’s on your mind tonight?

Jim Moss

Jim Moss