My friend Alyssa is okay with the recently announced Monsters, Inc. sequel, but would rather see Pixar give the sequel treatment to The Incredibles:

The Incredibles also is a movie about a standard-looking metropolis that’s secretly full of extraordinary people. But the questions The Incredibles raise about how talented people fit into and alter society are wider-ranging (as well as questions of aging, romance, and Anna Wintour Parody), more deeply-explored, and I think ultimately more interesting than the way Monsters, Inc. explores how children are becoming more jaded at younger ages. And the commentary on the superhero genre was simultaneously witty and useful. I want to spend more time in that city, and on those issues.

I agree with Alyssa’s take on why we need more Incredibles (and Lord knows I’d like to see more Frozone), but I don’t think Pixar should use a feature-length film to return to the universe of The Incredibles. Given the subject matter — superheroes — the large cast of characters and the ready made plot lines, I think it would be far more interesting to see The Incredibles return as a half-hour television series. With the Parr family officially in the superhero business, the question of “what makes a hero” isn’t just relevant to Bob Parr, it’s important to the whole family. A television series just seems like a much better way of exploring that from the perspective of each family member. And that’s to say nothing of the fact that with television, there’s much more time delve further into the awesome mythology of The Incredibles universe.

Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie