Last week all of the cool kidz on the right as well as the public intellectuals at the Atlantic and Reason and other repositories for the otherwise unemployable got all navel-gazey about “epistemic closure” apparently under the impression that their readers give a shit. The long (and it can be very long) and the short of EC is that it describes a closed loop of information where the path not taken is apostasy. What brought on this masturbatory paroxysm was the recent Sacking of Frum as well as Jim Manzi’s pantsing of attack gerbil Mark Levin which then occasioned no end of chin-stroking, harrumphing, and the inevitable pool fart from Jonah Goldberg who wades in to say  that young hip conservatives (with fresh new ideas like lowering taxes on the rich and  killing brown people) are not being shut out of what constitutes debate amongst conservatives so just shut up you guys before people notice that he is one of those young hip kids and then all the good conservatives will bail because they don’t want to be associated with him and have to explain to other people that Jonah really isn’t theirs and he’s adopted or, like he’s their sister’s dumb kid and whattya gonna do, eh?

Meanwhile Andrew McCarthy, whose belief in the theory that the Socialist Kenyan Muslim President really is from Kenya is proof that Conservatives aren’t closuring their epistemical hellmouth to Birther-Americans, is still out defending the honor of Fair Maiden Mark Levin from the Barbarians At The ClimateGate:

The most appalling thing about Jim Manzi’s attack on Mark Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny is its pompous invocation of “epistemic closure” as a cudgel to beat the side of the climate debate arguing for epistemic openness — and trying to make that argument against transnational scientific elites who desperately seek to enforce ontological closure in a most unscientific manner.

Um. Yeah. That’s what she said.

McCarthy goes on to cite MIT’s Richard Lindzen who is “appropriately chagrined”  (and who isn’t these days) because the EmmEssEmm is covering for those lying scumbag  scientific elites by making stuff up like this report that cleared them although it did point out that they continue to not use the appropriate cover sheet on their TPS reports, so, sloppy. McCarthy concludes:

Remarkable to read Lindzen spout such wingnuttery when, as Jim points out, none less than the national science academy of Mexico itself has not rejected the notion of man-made global warming. I’m ashamed to admit, though, that to me, Lindzen doesn’t seem like a kook who probably thinks the Queen of England and the Trilateral Commission are in on a farcical global science scam. But what do I know? I don’t even have a Ph.D.

Oooooooo. Snap! Closure that, bee-yotch!

More of this, please….



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