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For Just $350, You Can Own a Signed Copy of George W. Bush’s New Book!

Crown Publishers

For those interested, the most disastrous and despised president since Herbert Hoover is releasing his ghost writer’s book in November. Great timing for the Republican Party!

The “decider” has turned “author” to deliver his account of his political career.

Former President George W. Bush will center his “memoir” on Sept. 11, his election win in 2000, as well as his battle with alcohol, according to Crown Publishers.

Personally, I can’t wait to read it. What I’m most curious about is — do you think he went pop-up or color-by-numbers?

“Decision Points” will be released Nov. 9 in hardcover- a week after the mid-term elections – with a $35 price tag. One thousand signed, clothbound copies will also be available for $350 each.

There’s only a thousand — better hurry. At that price, they’ll go quick.

But what’s with that cheesy title and crappish cover art? It looks like those often parodied cheesy inspirational posters you find in dentist offices.

Frankly, I prefer the cover of the former Preznit’s first autobiography.

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