photo: Luis Garcia

The Repeal DADT sit-in  sit today at John McCain’s Phoenix office was neither a GetEqual or EAA action. The five people, since arrested–Meg Sneed, Jimmy Gruender, Lee Walters, (Lonnie) Allen Howard-Stidham and Luisa Valdez–are members/founders of the Phoenix-based HERO

We are a grassroots group of community organizers committed to organizing and motivating the community, planning actions, and fighting for the human, civil and equal rights for ALL.

More photos from HERO’s action can be found on their Facebook page

Ameriqueer on Feastoffun.com reports via Twitter

Apparently the Equality Across America organization, born out of the National Equality March, has been inspired by GetEqual. According to a few sources trickling out of Phoenix, five activists are staging in a sit in at McCain’s office there. Please call to tell McCain’s staff he needs to support the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” (602) 952-2410

I will deliver the news as it comes.

I tried calling McCain’s office. First the phone was busy, but I did get through. When I asked about the sit-in, I got referred to Brooke Buchanan in McCain’s DC office. Awaiting comment. Will update.

So Brooke never called back.

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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