Just ten days ago, on Tax Day, the Teabaggers staged rallies across the country, bravely standing up for individual freedom and the Constitution.

More than 1,000 protesters took to the streets in Washington Thursday, branding President Barack Obama a “Marxist” who was trying to erode their freedoms and the American way of life. […]

“Our freedom is in danger,” said Helen Kelly, a retiree from Texas, declaring Obama’s healthcare bill “unconstitutional.”

I’m sure, then, that these same freedom-loving Constitutionalists will strongly oppose Arizona’s draconian immigration law, right?

The measure requires authorities to question people about their immigration status — and allows authorities to arrest them without a warrant — if law enforcement officials have a “reasonable suspicion’’ that they are in the country illegally. It also requires immigrants to carry proof of legal status at all times or risk being arrested, jailed, and fined.

Because if it’s one thing Teabaggers fear, it’s the overreach of government, impeding on individual liberties and states’ rights.

“If the president doesn’t like what the Arizona Legislature and governor may be doing, then I call on the president to immediately call for the dispatch of 3,000 National Guard troops to our border and mandate that 3,000 additional Border Patrol [officers] be sent to our border as well,” McCain said at a news conference Friday in downtown Phoenix, according to a report in the Arizona Republic.

Yes, that would be the 2008 Republican presidential candidate, calling for the Big Government Marxist Freedom-Crushing Foreign-Born Obama to send 3,000 federal troops to Arizona — so that Arizona law enforcement officials aren’t forced to stop brown people on the streets and ask them for their papers.

You really can’t make this shit up.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan