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Ohio Vote for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner for U.S. Senate on May 4th

On April 11th I attended an event in Columbus with Ohio’s first woman Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner who is running in the Democratic primary on May 4th for the U.S. Senate. She gave an in depth presentation of her political views and then answered questions for close to an hour and a half. The breadth and depth of Brunners knowledge about concerns and issues that face our nation domestically was jaw dropping. But her grasp of the details facing our nation internationally left me spell bound.

She shared her plans for moving Ohio in a direction towards alternative energy sources. She let us know that her campaign was not taking any money from banks or businesses that were part of the banking bail out. She had serious and detailed plans for improving jobs numbers. But what really floored me was her commitment to fair and balanced diplomacy and policies in regard to middle east conflicts and Iran. She talked about how any negotiations or claims about or with Iran needed to be solidly based on substantiated evidence. Not alleged claims similar to the false pre war intelligence that convinced some Americans to support the illegal invasion of Iraq. She mentioned how Israel, India and Pakistan should be strongly encouraged to sign the Nuclear Non Proliferation treaty as Iran did in 1968. These stands by Secretary of State Brunner are brave and refreshing.

Jennifer Brunner has stand up credentials. Brunner received a B.A. in sociology-gerontology, cum laude, from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and later a J.D. from Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio with honors. She and her husband, Rick, also an attorney, have three adult children and live in Columbus. After law school she worked in the office of the former Secretary of State now U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown.
She focused on working on fairness and accountability in regard to campaign finance reform. She has served as Legislative Counsel for the Secretary of State’s Office, and as the Franklin /County Common Pleas Court Judge in conservative Franklin County (she defeated a governor’s appointee). During her time as a Judge she created the drug court and was innovative in rehabilitating those who had minor drug violations and saved taxpayers a great deal of money through the development of this program.

In 2006 Jennifer was elected Secretary of State and immediately began cleaning up Ohio’s messy election process that Former Republican Secretary of State Blackwell left behind. She focused on improving the security and reliability of voting machines, instituted early no fault absentee voting and made paper ballots available. During the the 2008 Presidential election she won several law suits that Republicans brought forward having to do with the election process, including one in the U.S. Supreme Court. These successful efforts earned Secretary of State Brunner a Kennedy Profile in Courage Award and have improved Ohio’s voting process in measurable ways.

Need to mention that the first U.S. Congress convened in 1789, a woman was not appointed or elected to the United States Senate until 1922—133 years later. Since then, 38 American women Senators from both major political parties have gone to work in Washington D.C. Twenty seven states have never elected a woman Senator. Ohio is one of those 27 states. Now I would never vote for a woman just because she is a woman. Never. But a brilliant woman who has a solid history of working for justice, applies the law fairly, and has taken our state’s election system forward along with having extremely well informed views and plans for our state and our country. It does not get any better than this.

Please vote for Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner for U.S. Senate on May 4th. She is the right choice!

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