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Citizens United Spurs Cross-Border Camaraderie

MEXICO CITY (Roiders News Service) – At a joint press conference, Mexico’s two largest drug cartels announced the formation of a US political action committee.

"Here in Mexico it has become more difficult for us to buy political influence," said spokesman Raul Chupacabra. "But on the ‘other side’ [USA], thanks to the gringos’ Supreme Court, it is easier than ever. Muchas gracias."

The registered PAC will be able to make unlimited contributions to political candidates under the recent Citizens United court ruling. It has been tentatively named MC-PAC, short for "Mexican Cartels." However, if McDonald’s corporation objects the alternative name will be PAC-MAN (Mexican Association of Narcotraffickers).

"Even we don’t want to @$#% with Ronald McDonald," said the spokesman.

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