Amnesty, the Progressive’s Waterloo?

The Progressive’s push for Amnesty for 20 million, wage suppressing illegals, will be the catalyst for America’s first legitimate third party.

Common sense, working class, Americans are starting to wake-up and reject the war-mongering parties. The fact that the party leaders and big business now want to put these 20 million wage suppressing illegals on even footing with law abiding American citizens, for scarce jobs, will force huge swaths of voters from the Democratic party.

That swath of voters will combine with the segment of the Tea Party that are not pro-war to form a third party. That third party, with a platform of anti-war, anti-illegal immigration, anti-bail out and America first will garner enough votes to produce a legitimate contender for 2012.

This election cycle is lost. the repugs are not alegit’ option. The progressives have proven time after time that they have zero influence over the Dem party and show no signs of a legitimate force for change. Those disaffected voters need a real party!

The revolution is on! Amnesty for Illegal immigrates, and the wage suppressing effect on the already battered American worker, will be the catalyst to a new party responsive to the people and the Waterloo of the progressive movement.

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