The grassroots GetEqual actions and the online citizen activism, like it or not, is changing the game in DC — and the powers that be don’t like it one bit.

The accidental activists, 15-minute activists, the first-time activists and the online turned offline activists have had it. All are tired of the promises, tired of the lies, tired of the focus on midterms, tired of WH arrogance, and beyond tired of the complacency/incompetence/cowardice and focus on fighting for dollars from the same pool of donors, while leaving the mission behind.

I don’t even know that there’s a word to describe the level of fatigue and outrage watching some of our purported community leaders being jerked around, co-opted, demeaned, diluted and diminished by the largest LGBT organization, HRC, that sucks the air and dollars out of the room without conscience, jerking the LGBT community around like a puppet on a string with promises it cannot deliver on. Maybe words don’t matter in the rarefied bubble of power politics, I can tell you that that sh*t won’t go unchallenged any more.

Kerry Eleveld’s latest column on the changing game:

President Obama once said it wasn’t his place to tell LGBT Americans to “wait your turn” for equality. This week activists sent him the message that patience is wearing thin.

A flash of anger crossed President Barack Obama’s eyes Monday night as a group of LGBT protesters heckled him into silence during a speech he was delivering at a Los Angeles fund-raiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer.

As someone who has studied Obama’s many speeches over the last three-plus years, I will tell you that it was a rare and potentially even remarkable moment.

Replacing the leadership in our orgs won’t matter if the replacement, elected by the same out-of-touch boards is filled with the same level of contempt for the community it serves, putting the almighty dollar, the expense account and lack of actual ability to place themselves in the shoes of the LGBTs without privilege, and without rights.

If that person is content to use their access to power to not only barter away key equality pillars with an administration on a failed political strategy rather than demanding equality and accountability, we will lose. If that person can be dictated to, we lose.

Let’s go to part of the reason this administration and our orgs are shaken up (I’ve heard this countless times since I’ve been in DC over the last two days, people are tired, tired, tired of the bullsh*t). Many tactics have merit, many tactics have a place. The current ones haven’t worked so stirring the pot is not an evil.

And wait until Monday. You’ll see something the White House will definitely not like on the Blend.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding