Electronic media brings luminosity and dynamic intensity to abstract art. Sliders and knobs effect form and chaos in a synthesis I call Abstract Intentionalism.

Computer driven visualizations emit glowing pastels, hard edged waveforms and arbitrary textures framed by innovative algorithms processing memory mapped chaos. The excitement of capturing these images as they fly by is the thrill of invention. The machine-muse fusion radiates at light speed when you set the controls for the heart of the wormhole.

The image premiered here is posted for your viewing pleasure. I’ll abide the hazardous abyss of cliche and obsolescence by offering work that I find strangely attractive, but an epiphany of realization opened a wormhole into the noosphere and I got sucked in. A universe of dreams allures the sensory experience abstracted from cultural forms of intention.

This piece of Computer Art is a single frame taken from a sequence of images produced by a highly augmented music visualization program. The Effects Generator and Display custom software brings real time MIDI control over the operation of the visualizer plug-ins — both to create the images and capture them in a bitmap file. The live image frame is captured from memory equivalent to the display size allowing 1080p and larger images to be readily produced.

There is a larger version of this image on the brand new flickr site. Thanks in advance to those of you who take the time to offer your impressions and feedback.