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Heterosexuals do most of the barebacking in New York City

Heterosexual New Yorkers are having more unprotected anal sex than gay men, according to research conducted by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygeine.  This is serious business, because “Anal membranes are easily damaged during sex, facilitating the spread of infection. Past studies suggest that anal exposure to HIV poses 30 times more risk than vaginal exposure.”  Pink News highlighted these statistics from the report:

[Only] 23 per cent of women required their male partners to use condoms during anal sex, compared with 61 per cent of gay or bisexual men.

According to the department, an estimated 100,000 New York City women have anal sex every year.

Women who did not use condoms were also far less likely to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

While 63 per cent of those who use always condoms get tested regularly, only 35 per cent of those who bareback do.

The report goes on to say that women 18 to 24 years old are nearly six times more likely than those aged 45 to 64 to report unprotected anal sex.  Also, women with three or more sex partners per year are almost four times as likely to engage in unprotected anal sex than women with one partner.

What’s going on here?  Most heterosexual women who have anal sex apparently trust/hope/believe that their sex partners don’t have any sexually-transmitted infections (STIs).  Even if there may be a whistling in the dark/denial element to human sexuality in all of this a la “I can’t get AIDS because my sex partner isn’t gay or bi (hope hope hope)“, HIV isn’t the only incurable STI out there.  Ladies, grow a brain.  If the man is interested in barebacking you, chances are decent that he’s barebacked others, been barebacked himself or engaged in other risky behaviors.


* Video: Gays are too promiscuous and disease-ridden to be ‘worthy’ of marriage

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