A fellow hardcore sleeper agent in journalism emailed me this write-up of a panel featuring the collected HC recollections of Dan O’Mahony, Kevin Seconds and Sam McPheeters. This observation brought back all the old memories of being frustrated with Dan O and being frustrated by being frustrated by Dan O:

“I found the idea of being a 40-year old man jumping around onstage screaming to 17-year-old kids kind of tragic,” he said.

So instead of singing, O’Mahony tried something else behind the microphone. In September, 2009, he organized a spoken word show at a The Ugly Mug, a café in Old Town Orange.

I submit that being a 40-year old spoken word artist is vastly more tragic than being a 40-year old hardcore singer. Especially when your motivation for being a 40-year old spoken word artist is to avoid the tragedy you have decided is the inescapable fate of the 40-year old hardcore singer.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman