It’s been a tough week for roundups. I made two and missed two so far. So this could be a long one, wherein I tie up some loose ends.

• The reason why I didn’t get to a roundup yesterday was the Zocalo Public Square panel on which I appeared last night about the future of California. You can read about it here, and there are photos and I think audio/video at the link.

• The Upper Big Branch mine was a time bomb waiting to go off. And now that it has, killing 29 workers, the cartoon villain CEO Don Blankenship won’t even let the colleagues of the dead take off work to attend their fallen friends’ funerals.

• You know what, props to Michael Steele for some truth-telling here. It’ll probably get him kicked out of the GOP, but hey, good for him. But maybe it’s a win-win, because they can’t really fire him for exposing Republican racism, meaning his total incompetence at campaign spending will continue through to the election.

• There are now 43 Democrats on the Kaptur letter demanding a criminal investigation into Goldman Sachs, as well as Republican Michael Burgess (R-TX).

• Kathleen Sebelius writes a stern letter to WellPoint asking them to pretty please stop rescinding breast cancer patients. Surely they’ll comply.

• Marc Ambinder asks the right question – “Have Conservatives Gone Mad?” Although, the answer is actually no, the recent hard-right movements fit into a continuum going back many decades. Ambinder just finally figured it out.

• While Mike Bloomberg defends the poor banksters from the mean ol’ people who don’t want them destroying the economy, Chuck Schumer, previously known as the “Senator from Wall Street,” has remained silent.

• Michael Cohen despairs at the upcoming summer offensive in Kandahar. Meanwhile, Brave New Films scored an interview with a survivor of an earlier raid by US forces on Afghan civilians. Sadly, this will happen a lot if the Kandahar offensive goes through.

• Holly Yeager has a great piece on that awful article about Mike Allen and “Playbook” in the NYT Magazine.

• Adam Serwer reports from Gitmo, calls it “Bush with a smile.” FDL’s Spencer Ackerman will visit Gitmo in the coming weeks.

• Looks like Nick Clegg had another good debate in the UK elections. Could the Liberal Dems do it? I think the perception that they’re a legitimate contender for the Prime Ministerial position will be as important to the bottom line as the reality.

• Two big recruitments in Florida: first, former state Senator Daniel Webster changed his mind and will now challenge Alan Grayson, making him the first legitimate opponent in FL-08; and then, a billionaire who developed credit default swaps (really) may run as a “Democrat” in the US Senate race.

• Arlen Specter’s ad criticizing Joe Sestak’s military service might have been a bridge too far. Sestak is calling it “Swift-Boating” and even Republican Pat Toomey called it “a new low.” He probably also took notes in case he has to face Sestak in the fall.

• As a German bishop offers to resign over the Catholic church sex abuse scandal, a lawsuit from an American victim actually names the Pope as a defendant.

• That Arizona immigration law is the craziest thing that’s been passed in this country since… the Arizona birther law which was passed on the same day.

• Hey, at least ONE Bush-era official is going to jail.

Trouble in New Hampshire, though Carol Shea-Porter, who’s pretty solid, is certainly not dead yet. Katrina Swett isn’t worth helping, though Ann McLane Kuster would be.

• It’s cruel that there’s no money in selling healthy food and really good money in selling crap that’ll kill you.

• Here’s Marcy Winograd’s latest commercial. Not bad.

Jim DeMint for President. The mind reels.

• The Ohio GOP lets their sexism show in a newsletter attacking Rep. Betty Sutton by saying “Let’s take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen.”

• The funny ha-ha story of the day concerns the SEC senior staffers watching porn while the economy burned. It’s an update of Nero’s fiddling. But I do want to know what the meaning of “porn” is in this context. We don’t quite know that yet.

• And finally, your medical procedure to chicken converter, for all you Sue Lowden fans.

David Dayen

David Dayen