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Greenpeace Rejects The Climate Compromise

They’re the first of what I imagine will be several enviro groups:

Offering the first evidence of the complex Senate debate that lies ahead on an energy reform bill, the environmental group Greenpeace said Friday it intends to oppose the legislation that a bipartisan group of Senators intend to introduce next week.

“Although we appreciate the Senate’s efforts to reduce global warming pollution, it’s clear that polluter lobbyists have succeeded in hijacking this climate policy initiative and undermined the ambitious action necessary,” Phil Radford, the group’s executive director, said in a statement.

Among Greenpeace’s chief objections are the measure’s “inadequate emission” reduction goals, a provision that strips authority from the Environmental Protection Agency, and the billions set aside for the coal and nuclear industries for research and expansion.

Add in the state and local pre-emption and the mix is pretty toxic. The reason that the Congress pushed the climate bill to the back of the line is because it has no chance of passage.

I hope geoengineering works.

UPDATE: And now Senate Democratic aides are writing the funeral march for this bill. It’s dead.

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David Dayen

David Dayen