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Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Joins the Blame America First Caucus, Slams Obama for Being Mean to Israel

This is fucking retarded.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer harshly criticized the Obama Administration’s attempts to exert pressure on Israel today, making him the highest-ranking Democrat to object to Obama’s policies in such blunt terms.

Schumer, along with a majority of members of the House and Senate, signed on to letters politely suggesting the U.S. keep its disagreements with Israel private, a tacit objection to the administration’s very public rebuke of the Jewish State over construction in Jerusalem last month.

But Schumer dramatically sharpened his tone on the politically conservative Jewish Nachum Segal Show today, calling the White House stance to date “counter-productive” and describing his own threat to “blast” the Administration had the State Department not backed down from its “terrible” tough talk toward Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

So in one shot, Schumer 1) publicly sides with a foreign government over the United States; 2) validates a partisan, neocon critique of his own party; and 3) undermines the foreign policy aims of the Obama administration in the Middle East.

Heckuva job, Chuck.

Funny, I don’t remember Chuck getting pissy with Israel when they humiliated the Vice President.

Neither does Steve Clemons.

Note to Senator Schumer: you have certainly unloaded a lot of blame on the White House today. I have done a quick lexis and Thomas search and have been unable to find a single instance in which you criticized the behavior of the Israeli government at any time on any issue. If we are wrong, we would very much like to be corrected. Please let us know.

Don’t hold your breath, Steve.

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