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Last night we had the first night of our contest to name FDL’s marijuana campaign. We were going to have the semifinal voting tonight, but I changed my mind.

I’m having too much fun being back at Late Nite again, and Mike Whitney decided he wanted to expand the contest to everyone on our email list, so we’re continuing the contest for a second inspired night.

I said last night that first prize would be a DVD of High: The True Tale of American Marijuana, second prize would be a copy of copy of Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink, and that I’d come up with a third prize by tonight.

Instead, we have a SPECIAL PRIZE FOR EVERYONE just for playing…co-author of Marijuana is Safer, Steve Fox of the Marijuana Policy Project, emailed me say that they’re offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of the book to everyone until midnight tonight in honor of the contest!

As Steve says, “the book is a primer on marijuana advocacy in general, including an overview of the history of prohibition, as well as the strongest traditional arguments in favor of reform and responses to the traditional arguments against reform.”

Since we’re going to be doing a lot more around pot in the coming months, take advantage of this great opportunity, say thanks to Steve for this incredibly generous offer, and download away.

Then join me in the comments for a second night of competition.  Entries must be five words or less in length and entered here to qualify.   Below are the inspired entries from last night.  Oh and if anyone has ideas for second and third prize, lemme know.

War on Thugs, Not Pot Liberty to garden and share.
A Joint Helps Your Joints LIGHT ON!
Above the Influence – of Prohibition Live and Let Live; mind your own business!
Aging: Getting in the Weeds Local Communities’ Cannabis Culture Initiative (LCCCI).
America’s next cash crop! M.E.A.T.- Marijuana eases all trauma
american hemp freedom project 2010 Make it the Green Coast!
Buds, not beer MANY WANNA
C.H.E.E.R..-Cannabis helps ease every rejection Marijuana is part of Americana
C.P.O.T.-Cannabis provides ongoing taxes Marijuana Majority for Regulation
C.R.A.P.S.-Cannabis reduces all prohibition silliness Marijuana Never Stole Your 401k.
Can’t tell Jah it’s not legal MARIJUANA: MUCH SAFER
Cannabis + You ? Jail Marijuana: Grass, not weeds
Cannabis Co-evolution not Prohibition! Marijuana:  not just for stoners
Cannabis is Flower Power Marijuanassance : discover the truth
Cannabis is Good for Humans Mary Jane, Not Fiscal Pain
Cannabis Prohibition is Economic Suicide Mexico called, how’s legalization worse?
Cannabis tonight, no hangover tomorrow Mota – Got it?
Cannabis: It’s Just a Plant! MOTA for U.S.
Cannabis: The madness stops now MOTA good for US
CBD Cures Cancer Grows Brain My body, my choice!
civil rights then, marijuana now National Security Drug Regulation Program
Co-Evolve with Cannabis! No Dope…No Hope…Obamanible
De-fund Criminals, Re-fund Communities No longer an “Outlaw”
Defund Cartels. Legalize & Regulate Not Harmless, Just Less Harmful
Don’t Bogart America’s Freedom One Small Puff for Mankind
Don’t Bogart That Vote Organic Pot Fed Cattle $$$
Don’t Pass Gas — Pass Grass Pot, Yes – Booze, You Lose
Doobie or not doobie. That is the question Pot: Weed like your vote!
Drug Cartel Bankruptcy Program PotLuck
Education and Compassion over Prohibition Prohibition Invites Lawlessness
End Cannabis Prohibition Prohibition Kills.
Farmers Feed the Munchies Prohibition Wastes Your Money
Fire drug dealers, support legalization Project Green Acres
Fire Up the Vote Protect kids from pot: Legalize!
Free the Weed! Puff, Puff, Pass … The Proposition
Free your cannabinoid receptors! Pursuit of Happiness
Freed Weed Weed Freed PUSHERS DONT CARD IDs
Gateway to a Greener Economy. Re-Free the Weed Please
Go Green. Grow Green. Reefers, Not Repos
Go to Pot for Pain Republican Weeds of Grass
GOD Said, EVERY Green Her Restoring Democratic Values Through Legalization
Got Mota? Right To Use
Grass Hurts Less Than Guns Right the Wrongs: Decriminalize
Grass Is Greener Save Money, Make money, Legalize
Grassroots America Save your ass with cannabis
Grassroots for grass…… Say Yes To Freedom
Grow Your Own. It’s Safer. Scythians for Cannabis Freedom!
Hemp / THC and You! Smoke Rising
Hemp Freedom Campaign Sowing seeds of truth and reason.
Hemp Liberation Campaign Spark Up the Vote
Hemp the economy! Stop Funding Criminals. Legalize Marijuana.
Here…Here…Try This Stop Protectionism: Legalize Cannibus
High Time For Pot Changes Stop Supporting the Cartels
Highly Patriotic T Pot Party
hot pot not! Taking On Pot (TOP)
Hungry for change? Legalize pot! Tax Pot don’t tax me!
I know it’s more than 5 words but: Plant the seed, vote for weed The 420 Campaign
It’s High Time to Legalize! The Bob Marley Tax
It’s Only a Plant, Fergawdsakes! The Cannabis Legalization for America Now C.L.A.N.
J.A.P.E.- Joints against Prison excoriation The Need for Weed
Joint Action Plan the TEA party
Journey to a Higher Mind. Turn and Face the Change
Just Legalize it Twist Up a Vote
Just Say Know – Not really original w/me Universal Pot Care – Now!
Just Say No – To Prohibition Vaporize the War on Drugs
Just Say Now ! Vote One Ounce Against Prohibition
KEEP [leaf] RIGHT Vote Yes! CA Needs Money!
Kush Push! Weed All Win – Legalize Pot
Legal Marijuana Will Work Better Weed assists government on needs
Legalization Trifecta: Society, Economy, Environment Weed must be Freed
Legalize California’s Biggest Cash Crop Weed Not Greed
Legalize Marijuana: It Will Work Weeding the government
legalize nature Weigh Out The Vote
Legalize Pot. It Makes Cent$ Where there’s smoke there’s firedogs.
Legalize The Healthy Healing Herb! Why can’t we move on!
Legalize. Monetize. Revitalize. Yes Weed Can!
Let us pay more taxes!
Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

Jane is the founder of Her work has also appeared on the Huffington Post, Alternet and The American Prospect. She’s the author of the best selling book Killer Instinct and has produced such films Natural Born Killers and Permanent Midnight. She lives in Washington DC.
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