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Ripped From the Headlines!

Some folks ’round here publish diaries on this site with indignant plaints of immoderate moderation denying them their right to free expression.

Well, those folks should just perk right up! The Tehran Times has run a story that shows that the Iranian parliament is on the job, protecting free expression and the rights of journalists almost everywhere!!

Now, for some unknown reason the story starts off talking about how Iran is cutting ties to Britain, home of the BBC which broadcasts news in Farsi, but goes on to report:

Commenting on the arrest of Iranian television journalist Hamid Masouminejad, who was detained in Italy in March, Jalali said the Iranian parliament has drafted a complaint that will soon be signed by MPs and released to the media. He criticized the Italian government for its handling of the case, saying that in a world where freedom of the press is promoted, arresting a journalist based on vague pretexts is imprudent

The Italian government just doesn’t understand freedom and is ruining freedom of the press.

And that’s not all the Tehran Times is reporting!! In the very same edition…this

Press watchdog bans reformist newspaper
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN — Press Watchdog has announced it has shut down the reformist Bahar(Spring) newspaper for publishing false materials, questioning the results of the June presidential election, and defaming state officials.

According to Note 2 of Article 6 and Article 12 of the Press Law the paper’s license has been revoked and the case was sent to the relevant judicial authorities.

Note 2 of Article 6 of the Press Law reads, propagating obscene and religiously forbidden acts and publishing indecent pictures and issues which violate public decency are considered as limits of the press and if violated the license for that paper would be revoked.

According to Article 12 of the Press Law, the Press Supervisory Board shall examine press violations directly, or, upon the request of the Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance and, if necessary, it may file written requests for legal proceedings at competent courts.

The Bahar daily was closed down in 2009 but its ban was lifted in January 2010

About that Iranian journalist that the Italians were oppressing and whose press freedom the Iranians are protesting…. the Tehran Times didn’t print the charge
but they’re sure up in arms about it.

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