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Compare and Contrast: Rubio vs. Crist, Lamont vs. Lieberman

Pictured: who weeps for Charlie Crist?

Anyone remember the endless Village/wingnut concern-trolling about how Ned Lamont running against Joe Lieberman was going to destroy the Democratic Party?

On ABC’s This Week, Cokie Roberts asserted that it would be “a disaster for the Democratic Party” and would lead to “chaos” if businessman Ned Lamont were to defeat Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic Senate primary on August 8, thereby “pushing the party to the left” and sending a message to other senators that “[t]he only smart thing to do here is play to your base.

I certainly do.

Funny how that stuff never seems to apply to Republicans, isn’t it?

De facto GOP White House favorite Mitt Romney endorsed [Marco] Rubio yesterday, and, as Josh Green noted, Romney got beat up over this: it’s easy to endorse Rubio now that he leads his Senate primary against Gov. Charlie Crist, the former frontrunner, by more than 20 percentage points. What about when Rubio was a mere conservative upstart, trailing Crist by 20 last fall–when his biggest backers were the influential blogger Erick Erickson and the free-enterprise DC interest group the Club for Growth?
This morning, another big-time Republican hopped on the Rubio train: House Minority Whip Eric Cantor.

I’m so looking forward to hearing how Republicans are on a purity witch hunt, how they’re following their extreme right-wing base off a cliff, how they’re pandering to a bunch of stupid bloggers who don’t know anything about how the “real world” works, how awful it is that they’re throwing a popular, talented and honorable two-term Republican governor under the bus, and in the process, hurting their party with moderates — not only in Florida — but nationally.

Should be coming any time now, right?

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