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GetEqual activists interrupt POTUS at fundraiser demanding DADT repeal be added to defense auth

Update: adding video clips. ~Louise



GetEQUAL protesters have been escorted out of an Obama fundraiser in LA for Barbara Boxer after demanding that he add repeal language in the Defense Authorization. According to press pool reports, at 6:17 Pacific Time, members of GetEqual interrupted the President’s speech to expressing anger over the snail’s pace on DADT repeal and the the stories that the White House doesn’t want a vote in 2010.

The crowd, as you might imagine, was not happy and tried to hush them.

“What about don’t ask, don’t tell?” one protester shouted.

Obama yelled back “we are going to do that.”

The President raised his voice to try to continue over the protesters, with the crowd trying to drown them out by chanting “Yes, we can.”

He later said, “we are going to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell.”

But that wasn’t the end. At 6:22 PM PT, the President was interrupted once again, with shouts of “It’s time for equality for all Americans!”

Obama addressed the activist with “can I just say again Barbara and I are supportive of repealing Don’t ask dont tell.” The GetEqual activists brought the President’s remarks to a halt, with the invited crowd continuing the “yes we cans” and shouts of “be quiet!”

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