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Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama’s Health Care Reform for Iceland’s Volcanic Eruptions

Of course, Limpaugh is indeed a leading expert when it comes to ash…

But this is really beyond the pale. Someone needs to check the pharmacological soup that is Rushbo’s bloodstream again… and maybe book a king-sized suite at Betty Ford for the rest of the year.


Limbaugh said, “You know a couple of days after the health care bill was signed Obama was walking around saying hey you know I am looking around the Earth hasn’t opened up, no Armageddon out there the birds are still chirping.

I think the Earth may have opened up. God may have replied. This volcano in Iceland has grounded more airplanes. Air space has been more affected than even after 9/11 because of this plume, because of this ash cloud.”

He continues well beyond this; it’s really remarkable that any corporation sends this man a nickel, let alone that anyone listens to him at all.

 Um… what? Even Joe Versus The Volcano made more sense than this spew from Rush Limbaugh!

Maybe Rush is in a “brain cloud”. Yeah, that must be it.

I hadn’t heard such utter nuttiness tied to the weather since Maine’s Mike Heath blamed last year’s potato blight on gay marriage

BONUS FEATURE: Speaking of potatoes, here is a clip of Rush Limbaugh from back in the late 1980s, getting mashed big-time, regarding affirmative action and a very restrictive abortion rights bill that was vetoed in Idaho.

The studio audience was so incensed with Limbaugh and openly deriding him, to the point where they had to eventually EJECT THE ENTIRE LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE in order for Rush to be able to continue.

Take a look:

While the entire clip is rather amazing, 2 things of note occur at the 6 minute mark. First, you get a great view of the overall size of the audience before Rush cuts away to a commercial.

Second, note the call-in number for the television audience and tell me that, given what we know about Rush’s history in the 20 plus years since this aired, this phone number is accidental or coincidental.

The number put up for phone calls was: (212) 35- CHIMP.

“Affirmative action is an insult” is the last sentence Rush gets out before the crowd erupts! It takes another few minutes before Rush can cut away to yet another commercial break at the 8:20 mark…

When they come back, Rush is ALONE in the room, speaking to the cameras.  

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