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Boxer Addresses Democratic Convention

Barbara Boxer addressed Democratic delegates by taking jabs at her potential Republican opponents, casting the coming Senate election as a stark ideological choice, and slamming the economic credentials of her rivals.

Boxer, giving a preview of her strategy for the fall, alluded to but didn’t mention by name the three candidates for Senate on the Republican side. On Tom Campbell:

One of my opponents was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top economic advisor during the state budget crisis. Need I say more?

On Carly Fiorina:

Another had a well-executed jobs plan for India, China and Europe, outsourcing California jobs there.

(Fiorina got off easy there over her tenure at Hewlett-Packard.)

On Chuck DeVore:

Another is a state legislator who did nothing to solve the state budget mess, and thinks doing nothing is a plan.

For her part, Boxer foregrounded her work to make California “the hub for the new clean energy industry,” and create jobs through her perch on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Of course, she will have to ensure that the federal climate bill does not pre-empt California’s landmark global warming law and nullify the opportunity to put the state at the center of the clean energy space.

She strongly highlighted the fact that her opponents “want to repeal health care,” asking:

Why would they want to repeal a law that cracks down on insurance companies and restricts them from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and closes the donut hole?

She also said “There’s also a choice on this election on choice,” adding that two of her opponents would criminalize women and doctors, and none of them would “lead the fight” to strengthen choice laws.

Boxer exhorted the delegates to support her campaign, saying “I won’t turn my back on you. The lines are drawn. We are in a real fight for the direction of our state and our nation… We want you to be as excited as the tea party people are. Will you help me, will you get excited?”

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David Dayen

David Dayen