Start-Up Nation vs. The iPad

This lends itself to a thousand unfortunate metaphors:

Israel this week has been blocking travelers from bringing Apple Inc.’s new iPad into the country saying the device’s wireless technology threatens to create interference with other products, a move that has puzzled people both in Israel and Silicon Valley.

The Ministry of Communications said the ban was instituted earlier this week because the iPad’s Wi-Fi wireless technology was built to the U.S. standard, which allows stronger signals than those allowed in Europe and Israel.

Not really good for Israel’s attempt to rebrand itself as a “start-up nation.” It’s not a firewall! It’s a fire-barrier! A fire-separation-fence! We can tear it down at any time!

Yeah, so that doesn’t really work in this case, but whatever, I thought it was marginally funny. Good Shabbos.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman