Indefinite Detention, Assassination, And Eleventy-Dimensional Geopolitical Chess

Crazy wild-eyed speculation: Harold Koh is so into drone strikes and assassinations because he doesn’t want the Obama administration to set up a new GTMO-esque indefinite detention facility. I know, right? The international community won’t tolerate a Negative-Zone version of Guantanamo Bay. But it’s pretty intuitively clear that the international community doesn’t give a shit about the occasional missile lobbed into the middle of ungoverned or weakly-governed areas. Marc Thiessen was more right than he knew!

Meanwhile, an unnamed administration official says the administration has come up with locations for Negative-Zone Guantanamo (that aren’t in the Negative Zone):

A senior official involved in the discussions said the issue of where to hold newly captured prisoners “has been discussed and some conclusions have been reached.”

Bagram air base is the most likely location, other officials said, in part because prisoners there do not currently have access to U.S. courts, although that question is being litigated. Other sites also are being considered.

How could Bagram really be “most likely”? It’s going to transition to Afghan control in a few months. And Eric Holder ruled it out in testimony Wednesday.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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