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Mike Heath Sets Land Speed Record While Backpedaling Away From ME Gubernatorial Race

WOW. Now that was quick!

Heath’s statement issued yesterday, via WCSH-6:

“On Monday I decided I would consider becoming a candidate for Governor of Maine if I could gather the 4,000 required signatures  by June 1st.

While I would enjoy running, and I’d be honored to serve if elected, I quickly discovered that even the task of circulating petitions is beyond my capacity at this point in my life.  

I must devote myself wholly to the important work of the American Family Association of New England.  I am most excited about our new work here in Maine.  While I’d love to do both, limited resources of time and money won’t allow it.  

The decision to put my name out as a potential candidate is wholly mine.  I regret any inconvenience this may have caused anyone….”

Are you kidding, Missionary Man?

All the chatter I heard on the ground yesterday suggested that MORE than 4000 people were willing to gather the signatures for ya! Myself included!

You’ve got no strings to hold you down, other than those of AFA/Tim Wildemon… reconsider!

Always let your conscience be your guide…

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* Welcome Back, Heath!

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