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CWA’s Charla Bansley’s Latest Spew Against Maine Children

Here she is again! Apparently when Mike Heath crawled back under his rock yesterday afternoon, he shoved Charla the CWA Teabagger out.

From today’s Bangor Daily News:


Teaching immorality

Imagine your daughter or granddaughter is forced to share a locker room with a teenage boy. After a complaint by a junior high boy who self-identifies as a girl, the Maine Human Rights Commission ruled that separating transgender boys from girls bathrooms, sports teams and even their locker rooms is discriminatory. But I warned you.

Last fall, I appeared on a Question 1 commercial cautioning parents on the increasing immorality in public education. The Maine Department of Education said that I was using “scare tactics” and “misinformation” because homosexuality is not a part of public school curriculum.

Author/sociologist Malcolm Gladwell says, “We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.” Parents and teachers know that we teach more by what we do than the words we say.

“This ruling is a huge step forward for a vulnerable population that is entitled to the full protection of the law,” said Zachary Heiden, legal director of the Maine Civil Liberties Union. Where is the “full protection” for girls to retain modesty, virtue, and self-respect? Where is the “full protection” for young men to keep their minds focused on education? Where is the “full protection” for parents to guard their children from sexual immorality and assault?

Every year more parents are turning to home-schooling and private schools to train and protect their children. Are you ready yet?

Charla Bansley

High School English teacher

Calvary Chapel Christian School

I am so damned sick of out-of-staters like Charla Bansley of CWA, newly divorced “Two Fisted Man of God” Mike Hein of MFPC-CCL, and Maine House candidate/ Ugandan LGBT genocide supporter Bob Emrich coming to my home state and telling the citizens how to live, as well as trying to do harm to the children of Maine.

Time and again, they work and plan to harass Maine schoolkids.

Banding together to plot against Maine families. This link goes back to some really nasty work by Charla and Emrich- from 2006!

Then this past year and with the help of almost $2 million in NOM still undisclosed donations, these same haters worked feverishly to remove the rights and protections of these same Maine families by erasing the marriage equality LAW, passed by wide margins in both Maine chambers and signed by our Governor.

They couldn’t even use a Maine firm to provide a commercial or feature Maine families in opposition- they had to rely on California Prop 8 puppetmasters Schubert-Flint, with a family that by strange coincidence, is made up of the head of the Mormon Church’s grandson and his wife.

Who live in MASSACHUSETTS now, not Utah.

Let’s bypass for now the connection between newly minted and teabagger approved MA Senator Scott Brown to the Wirthlins and go straight to the clip for review.

More below the fold.And lest we forget what she had to say at the not-so-super secret big-name haters rally last fall.

Below is a transcript of her (Charla Bansley) comments from the rally, which were recovered from a TV reporter who snuck into the rally:

…Public display of psychosis and we have dealt with it by redefining decency down so as to explain away and make normal what a more civilized, and ordered, and healthy society would label deviant and the result has been a stunning failure. For one every country that has legalized same sex marriage has seen marriage die and we cannot allow that to happen in the state of Maine. I am standing for marriage tonight because marriage is good for women. And marriage is good for children. And marriage is good society. Traditional marriage, or just marriage as the bishop taught us to say, is good for women physically, and emotionally, and economically, and relationally, a thirteen year study published by the American psychological association found that women, married women, who did not allow the foxes to destroy the vineyard of love had lower levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol and lower body mass, heck just going up and down those flights of steps with all those laundry ladies that could lower the cholesterols. The study also found that married women had lower levels of depression and anxiety and anger and they found that married women had lower levels of were less likely to developed cardiovascular disease. In terms of financial security Dr. Waite a professor of sociology at the university of Chicago found that women who were in committed traditional marriages were better of generally financially. She said that financial security trickles down to medical care, safer surrounding, better food, and other things that raise the standard of living. Add to all of these the department of health and human services reports that women in healthy traditional marriages are emotionally healthier they are less likely to be victims of assault or domestic violence, they are less likely to attempt suicide, or to abuse drugs and alcohol, and they have a better relationship with their children.

Go back to Chicago, Charla. Take the rich hubby and kids with ya.

Then we have this from Mike Hein, originally posted here by my friend and fellow Blender jackalope

Hein issued the following press release a few months ago. Some highlights:

The Christian Civic League of Maine has issued the following press release in response to the Maine Human Rights Commission issuance of transgendered schoolchildren ‘rights’ proposed guidelines:

The Christian Civic League of Maine is appalled by the latest outrage by radical homosexual activists.

Under the proposed guidelines, boys who self-identify as female will have access to girls’ sports teams and cheerleading squads, girls’ bathrooms, and girls’ locker rooms.

The proposed guidelines by the Maine Human Rights Commission (MHRC) originated from an incident at the Asa C. Adams Elementary School in Orono, where a young boy sought use of a girls’ bathroom on the basis of his confused sexual identity.  The school reasonably offered a compromise solution in which the boy was allowed to use the secure faculty bathroom.  The boy’s parents rejected the compromise, and filed a complaint with the MHRC.  The parents then sued the Orono school system.

In arriving at the proposed guidelines, the MHRC consulted with homosexual lobbyists, the Maine Office of the Attorney General, and principals and superintendents during a closed-door meeting on December 15, 2009.  The MHRC will take up the guidelines again on March 1st, and has promised that hearings on the matter will be open to the public.  Although the recommendations are offered to public schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in the form of ‘guidelines,’ schools which violate the ‘guidelines’ will be brought before the Commission, and may be subject to further legal action.

The Christian Civic League of Maine believes that these new ‘guidelines’ are not merely an error in judgment on the part of the MHRC.  Rather, they represent the latest effort by the homosexual lobby to impose their confused views of human sexuality on society at large.  The homosexual lobby has obtained its goals by a strategy of incrementalism, taking an inch of ground at a time in the expectation that society will someday capitulate entirely.

But the latest demand by the homosexual lobby is quite intolerable, having sunk to the level of an impossible absurdity.  Gay activists are now demanding that young girls believe and publicly acknowledge that a biological boy in their locker room is, in fact, a girl.  Gay activists are now demanding that their own private mental delusions about sex be accepted as public policy.  By issuing this demand, radical homosexual activists are asking all of us to participate in a form of collective moral insanity, a mass delusion spread by the homosexual lobby and their misguided – and perhaps malevolent – enablers in Augusta.

The Christian Civic League of Maine calls on all Maine parents to attend these upcoming public meetings and voice their strong opposition to the proposed ‘guidelines.’  Further, the League calls on all citizens to protect their vulnerable children from the homosexual lobby and their enablers in Augusta by contacting their state legislators and stating their firm opposition to these proposed Maine Human Rights Commission ‘guidelines.’

Hey, Fisty?Here’s a suggestion: get back to your roots and see if Marquette will give you tenure; offer a course of “Christian Divorce and How It Relates To The Marriage Equality Debate”.

Check out the dating scene while you’re there; maybe you’ll get lucky…

Last but certainly not least, let’s review the bile of Maine Jeremiah Project’s Reverend Bob Emrich, currently running for a seat in the Maine House.

Gawds help anyone of the LGBT community around Plymouth and Newport if this nutter gets the nod! I’ve heard he has competition for the primary; haven’t looked into that yet.

Subject: from Uganda to Maine

Maine Jeremiah Project

I have just recently returned from two weeks in Uganda, ministering the Word among village pastors and Churches.

It was a refreshing change of pace from the last year spent on the “marriage referendum”.

My trip to Uganda took me away from email, cell phones and the internet (also from electricity, running water, etc.). But I was able to see the Spirit of God working apart from the many distractions that we are faced with every day in Maine. I visited almost 20 remote villages and spent time with the believers. One of the common sentiments expressed there was that “in order to have a healthy village, there must be a strong and healthy church”. That is one of the important lessons we have been learning here as well.

We will have more to say about that later.

But as I work my way back into ministry here at Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church (Plymouth) and with the Maine Jeremiah Project, I wanted to share the following article I found in Uganda’s largest daily newspaper. I had tucked it into my journal and found it yesterday as I reviewed some of my scribbling.

I think it speaks for itself, but I hope you will wonder, as I do, where our own culture lost its way.

God bless,

Bob Emrich

Maine Jeremiah Project

Not every human right is right

Thursday, 26th November, 2009

Ronald Hanyerere

One Sunday morning, I was going to church when I met a lady who was so skimply dressed, one would think she was a sex worker. I initiated a conversation with her, only to find out, she was going to church.

I sarcastically told her she was smart and God would hear her prayers, but not those of the people who were going to sit near her. To my surprise, the lady responded with a verbal tirade: “It is my right to dress the way I want. Who made you judge over those whose prayers God answers?” she shouted.

This whole concept of human rights grates my nerves. It has made people un-african, mean and self-centered.

One can now shamelessly stand up and tell you: “I do as I please. You have no business in my affairs.” A sodomist can now swear to you that what they do in the privacy of their bedroom does not concern the public.

No wonder when a brilliant MP comes up with a Bill against homosexuality, the human rights activists baptize him an enemy of the people.

It is high time politicians, religious leaders, cultural leaders and all concerned Africans woke up and defended the African heritage against the moral confusion of Western civilization. This civilization is eroding African moral pride.

The so-called human rights activists have hijacked the driver’s seat and are sending nations into the sea of permissiveness in which the Western world has already drowned.

Every evil that has penetrated our society comes disguised as a human right and is watered by a group of elites who have attained education in the West. These elites have come back to impose on us practices that our forefathers deemed abominable.

You find them holding conferences in five-star hotels and lecture rooms delivering speeches aimed at breaking marriages in the name of human rights activism.

These activists force their unsuspecting disciples into believing that everything the West does is right. That is why they always refer to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

When the world gets compressed into a small global village in the name of globalization, it does not mean that the African should throw away what belongs to him.

Not every human right is a right, and not every right is a human right. As Africans, we should defend our heritage even when human rights activists are misleading our society.


Bob Emrich

Hey, Busy Boy Bob? Pack your bags and check out the other Portland in your native Oregon, will ya?

To All Bigots and Haters: Leave Maine and her people alone. We’re all quite sick of you and your hateful bile against Maine natives. Go home; you’re long since worn out your welcome.

Don’t worry about the mess; we can clean up after you’re gone. We in Maine are quite used to it!

Don’t let the screen door hit ya!

Y’all forget where we live now, ya hear?

GAH. I remember when the tourists had the good sense and manners to leave on Labor Day…

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