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You’ve Got (Hate) Mail: Ex-Gay Faux “Intellectual” Conservatism Edition

Sometimes something so crazy comes through your inbox that you just have to share it.

When the two major South Florida newspapers, the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel, ran stories in print and online about our recent announcement about moving from Florida to Chicago, we knew we'd get the requisite anonymous anti-gay comments online and some hate mail.  Disappointing, but not surprising.

There was the usual online “fags” and “gross” comments left by people too scared to put their own names.  Since the Herald ran a picture of us with our arms around each other and both papers referred to us correctly as husbands, bigots drug their knuckles out of their caves to declare that we were “throwing it in their faces” and shoving our perversion down their throats” (all without a hint of the giggles they were giving to progressive readers with a sense of humor).  Again, disappointing, but nothing we haven't experienced before, especially given the anonymous cover the internet provides.

Enter Sharon Kass, a prolific letter writer, ex-gay activist, faux intellectual, and LGBT equality enemy based in Silver Springs, MD and DC.  She tracked down my husbands work email and sent a ranting letter to us, decrying gay-egalitarianism, referencing debunked groups like NARTH and PFOX, and calling for “civil disobedience” against us and other gay and transgender folks.

The full email, in it's mind-boggling entirety, after the jump…

From Sharon Kass of Silver Springs Maryland (who is a frequent contributor to a “Intellectual Conservative” website full of such rantings that are not based in any fact):

Dear Prof. Niedwiecki:I read about you in the Miami Herald today. Please be advised that gay-egalitarianism will be eliminated from American law and culture. It has no basis in fact, ethics, or constitutional law. Homosexuality and transgenderism are psychological disorders that are preventable and treatable. They spring from faulty bonding and identification with the same-sex parent, starting at age two. They indicate deep-seated gender self-alienation, not “who you really are.” See,,, and

The Left has used people with these conditions for political advantage. But GayScam is being exposed for the sham it is. The Fourteenth Amendment (“equal protection of the laws”) does not apply to “gays.” It does not apply to women, either. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment does not preclude the use of natural law in the crafting of secular law. Church non-establishment refers to ideas of God, worship, and the like. But ideas of human well-being and fulfillment, and good social order, necessarily reflect transcendent values. All law “imposes.” The Left has been imposing itself on society for quite a while now, with the help of false psychological and medical science and the biased work of education, law, and media.

Our government is in a sorry state. The people have been driven to the recourse of mass civil disobedience to all gay-egalitarian laws. To preserve justice, they must take it. –Sharon Kass, Washington, D.C.

It's sweet how she started it with “Dear Prof. Niedwiecki”, then jumped into how we will be eradicated, isn't it?

After a few reading of the email, I still can't see anything “intellectual” about it. She certainly owns a thesaurus and can string together big words, but they fail to make an cogent argument or have any basis in research, science, or reality. In fact, she even admits that psychological and medical science,as well as education, law, and media, all disagree with her factless assertions, but that's only because of a massive conspiracy by wild, godless liberals.

It's also lovely how she throws in that women aren't considered equal under the law either. Just in case we had any doubt, she wants to make sure we know that she wants a 50's era “utopia” where gays AND women know their place.

I'm more troubled by her last line that calls for “mass civil disobedience to all gay-egalitarian laws.” When fringe people like Sharon say civil disobedience, they don't mean protest marches and sit-ins. They refer to violence and retribution. It's the same cover that Tea Party activists have been using as a cover for intimidation, threats, and actual violence against people. One can see the concern that arrises when someone calls for action against a group of people, like the LGBT community, that already have a long history of hate crimes and violence perpetrated against them.

Kass has a history of this kind of overheated, faux-intellectual letter writing. Truth Wins Out has an exhaustive post about her past actions, where she threatens Montgomery County, Maryland, council member Duchy Trachtenberg because of her support of a bill opposing discrimination against transgender county residents, as well as her campaign against Washington, D.C., activist Rick Rosendall and most of D.C.'s elected leaders.

Truth Wins Out had this to say of Kass:

Her letter was a laundry list of phony medical diagnoses, pet peeves, and automotonous rhetoric lacking any substantiation or tangible connection to reality.

Kass even had time that same month to publish a hate-based white paper, Jews and Gay Rights: How Social Approval-Seeking Has Led to the Betrayal of Judaism and the Fueling of an Insane Movement. The white paper repackages anti-Semitic propaganda into a tirade against gay Americans.

Already notorious for her harassment of antidiscrimination advocates at work and home…

Kass's behavior exemplifies why the ex-gay movement becomes disliked by some of those that come to know it.

I couldn't agree more.

It's clear Kass is simply a cut & paste letter writer with too much time on her hands and too much hate in her heart. Big words and debunked “science” don't make a false, ridiculous argument “intellectual” or in any way based in reality.

And it certainly doesn't cover up Kass's bigotry and hatred.

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