Kristinn “Is Too A Man’s Name” Taylor of Free Republic is dancing as fast as he can regarding the attack in New Orleans which caused Jim Hoft to lose his shit, which is actually about as easy as getting McMegan to make a public fool out of herself.

Deprived of any overt political motivation like someone screaming “Death to infidel pigs!” or maybe a backwards ‘P’ carved into the cheeks of the victims, Kristinn puts two and two together and comes up with Dirty Fucking Hippies:

The Hayride, for those who haven’t noticed, has not retracted their report that the couple was attacked for wearing Sarah Palin pins, even though a spokesman for Gov. Jindal has put out e-mails to select reporters and bloggers saying they were not wearing Palin pins.

This evening, the New Orleans Police Department released a statement pleading with the public for information about the attack. The description by the police of the incident does not describe a robbery, but it also does not say what exactly precipitated the attack, nor does it report a motive.

The statement does describe the attackers as a group of “Caucasian” men, one of whom was described as “dirty” and wearing a beard and ponytail.

That describes a typical leftwing protester of the type that were hanging outside the Republican fundraiser taunting attendees.

Oh. In that case, round up the usual suspects.

Hi Kristinn.

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