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3rd Grade Class saved from the evils of *GASP* Crossdressing!

Dog forbid 'Little Johnny' wear any article of clothing even remotely associated with stereotypically female attire.  A New Jersey Elementary class, while studying Women's History Month, was given the assignment to portray how women's fashions and clothing had evolved through history.  Since kids learn well from active 'hands on' involvement, the teacher came up with the idea of having a fashion show where the kids would actually (gasp here, then swoon whilst clutching your handy pearls) wear period clothing.  Even the boys…which is where Mrs. Grundy in the person of Janine Giandomenico comes in.

Mrs G read the note her son brought home and immediately sprang into action to protect her son from the dangers of not wearing a skirt.  Really.

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The handout expressly said  "If your child is a young man, he does not have to wear a dress or skirt, as there are many time periods where women wore jeans, pants and trousers."

Well, that was quite clear to Mrs. G…it obviously meant exactly the opposite.

You see, in perusing Mrs. G's Twitter page one finds that she is a fanatical Glen Beck and Sarah Palin fan, a fervent follower of the Tea Party Movement, and an all around right wing Wingnut.

So naturally she interpreted the facts exactly backwards.

End result?  Even though not one other person complained, the entire event was canceled.

Mrs G crows about her success on twitter. 

WE WON-CANCELLED! THANKS 4 YR SUPPORT! RT @dgiandomenico My son's School forcing kids 2Cross-Dress 4Women's History Mo.

Sad.  Very sad. 






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