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NYT reports Ahmadinejad calls for UN investigation of 9/11

Just thought to throw this on and let the comments fly. Here is my post to the NYT:

1,100 architects and engineers worldwide signed a petition calling for independent investigation of the destruction of those three buildings this spring. The evidence they offer is compelling. There is no dispute that the official explanation offered by the 9/11 commission could stand a little work–it doesn’t even mention building 7. Personally, I can’t believe our air defense response was what it was and that no one seems to mind.

Ahmadinejad certainly makes for a strange bedfellow but Iran does have an interest in the matter when you consider the US military has invaded and now occupies two countries on its border solely on the basis that the purported perpetrators of the attacks were harbored by those two countries.

The victims families have been calling for independent investigation and have been largely shunned. Of course the whole subject is extremely difficult to face because it involves accepting as a premise some degree of complicity of forces within the US government. No wonder the opposing response is so vehement because it strikes at the very notion of America and I recall my own shock at learning of the US government’s role in the white glove operation in South America. Very troubling but exactly what marks the difference in a real patriot.

Conrad C. Elledge

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