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Wrongness: KFC Doubled Down on Its Badness

Today’s been a banner day; I must have tripped across the mother lode of wrongness. It’s a wonder my corneas aren’t clouded up, my retinas scarred by what I’ve seen today. It’s so heavy I can’t carry this wrongness alone. I’m compelled to share the load with somebody.

You poor things.

But I can’t dump all this on you at once. That’d be cruel and unusual punishment; the U.S. Government might actually decide to change its policies about torture and seek prosecution if I were to unleash all the wrongness I’ve seen today on you poor unsuspecting reader.

So I’ll limit the dose to KFC and its newest punishment on human and fowl kind: the Double Down.

KFC thought you could use an extra dose of grease-slick poultry — seasoned with half the salt that you should have the entire day and an extra lagniappe of lactose-enhanced cheese food acting as glue between two pieces of poultry.

Oh, did I mention the bacon?

Ugh, my arteries are screaming as I scan the collection of photos at PicFog taken by the gullible members of our species who chose to risk their futures and their wallets by purchasing and eating one of these things.

It’s with the same need for gruesome gore which drives us to seek out bloody horror movies that I’m drawn to view this train wreck. Bring your emesis bag and enjoy the debauchery.

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