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Occasionally, it all works out for the best

Via Crooks and Liars it turns out it was a bad weekend for Fred Phelps and the Westboro Church of Hate.

Des Moines:

A family of six carrying signs that read “God hates fags” faced more than 500 counter-protesters singing “All You Need Is Love” on the Drake University campus this morning.

Charleston, WV (see video, classy of the Phelps clan to bring small children along for brainwashing purposes):

…the church sent a small group to Charleston, W. Va., to highlight their belief that the 25 miners killed in a recent cave-in were killed by God because we’re all entirely too tolerant of people living alternative lifestyles. Word of their protest got out, and they were completely overwhelmed by counter protesters organized by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, the state AFL-CIO, and local church and community groups, many carrying signs saying things like “GOD HATES SIGNS” and “THIS IS A SIGN”.

Left and Right coming together.


As for me, I just point and laugh derisively. Maybe to celebrate “Yuri’s Night” we send Fred Phelps on a rocket to the Sun?

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