Here’s an interesting tidbit from today’s New York Times:

Justice John Paul Stevens cuts a lone figure on the current Supreme Court in one demographic category: He is the only Protestant. His retirement, which was announced on Friday, makes possible something that would have been unimaginable a generation or two ago — a court without a single member of the nation’s majority religion.

It is hard to imagine the court without a black justice, for instance, and it may well turn out that Justice Sonia Sotomayor is sitting in a new “Hispanic seat.” It would surprise no one if President Obama tried to increase the number of women on the court to three. Not so long ago, there was similar casual talk, but of a “Catholic seat” or a “Jewish seat” on the Supreme Court. Today, the court is made up of six Roman Catholics, two Jews and Justice Stevens.

51.3% of Americans identify themselves as Protestant. Is there any significance to the fact that they are so under-represented on the high court of the land?

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss