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President of United Mine Workers: “Don Blankenship should be held responsible.”

From DC: Cecil Roberts (President, UMWA) says there have been 3 organizing attempts at
Big Branch mine, 65% – 70% of workers signed union cards, Blankenship
personally threatened the workers that if they voted for the union, he would close the mine down and they would lose their jobs. This is one of the biggest steps forward in prosecuting Don Blankenship for his negligence.

Or view the Video Here:

Cecil Roberts was on the Ed Show a couple of nights ago (this was before the grim news came out that none of the remaining 4 miners survived).

Roberts claims that employees of these mines should be allowed to refuse work in terrible conditions like these. He even said that one of the miners wasn’t even aware of the numerous safety violations incurred by the Upper Big Branch Mine.

This type of cruel injustice needs to be stopped. People like this need the protection of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Men like Don Blankenship cannot be allowed to continue with the destruction they are causing.

Prayers for the miners and their families, and for justice.

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Chuckie Corra

Chuckie Corra

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