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Obama Demands Investigation Report By Next Week Over Massey Mine Explosion

President Obama is scheduled to make remarks about the mine disaster 1:20 p.m. today in the White House Rose Garden.

Reported yesterday evening on yahoo news, President Obama offered his condolences and issued a statement asking for a full investigation of the mine explosion in Raleigh County, WV that killed at least 25 brave miners. He asked that a full report be on his desk by next week.

The federal mine agency has appointed a team of investigators, and President Barack Obama said Thursday that he has asked federal mine safety officials to report next week on what may have caused the blast.

Source: Yahoo News

Rescue efforts continued last night, but had to be stopped due to a fire and high levels of methane gas. The crews made it to one of the emergency bunkers, but unfortunately no survivors were found.

WV Senator Robert C. Byrd recently expressed his outrage.

"I am sad, I am sickened and I am angry."
It is infuriating that in this day and age, and in this country, that such a disaster could still happen.

he more I learn about the extent of these violations by Massey at the Upper Big Branch Mine alone, the angrier I get

Byrd says Massey’s safety practices need "the most serious scrutiny from the Congress and the federal regulators

All of these quotes retrieved via tweets from Veteran Charleston Gazette journalist Ken Ward Jr.*

We finally have a presidential administration that is capable and willing to resolve issues like these with mining disasters. Hopefully this investigation will shed some light on the situation and conditions will improve for the hard-working and caring individuals of the coal mining industry

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Chuckie Corra

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