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New University of Washington Study: Tea Party Simmers with Racial Resentment

Are all Teabaggers racists? Of course not. Are some? Undoubtedly.

Now that the obvious is out of the way, there seems to be an awful lot of Teabaggers who have serious issues with race.

The tea party is not just about politics and size of government. The data suggests it may also be about race,”said Christopher Parker, a UW assistant professor of political science who directed the survey.

It found that those who are racially resentful, who believe the U.S. government has done too much to support blacks, are 36 percent more likely to support the tea party than those who are not.

Indeed, strong support for the tea party movement results in a 45 percent decline in support for health care reform compared with those who oppose the tea party. “While it’s clear that the tea party in one sense is about limited government, it’s also clear from the data that people who want limited government don’t want certain services for certain kinds of people. Those services include health care,”Parker said.

Not surprising.

As noted previously, the Teabaggers want government services, as long as they benefit them. It’s not about the size of government — it’s about being pissed  that “those people” are taking their money away from them.

Lee Atwater knew what he was talking about.

(h/t AZ Matt)

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