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Scenes from the Bachmann-Palin Overdrive

by Fibonacci Blue

The Quitter teamed with up Michele Bachmann yesterday in Minnesota yesterday and drew a crowd of 10,000 Teabaggers. Chris Bowers thinks that means the Quitter is going to be the GOP’s nominee if she wants it, but I don’t think she does. Too much work.

We might just find out tomorrow, when she speaks at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Anyway, back to the Quitter-Bachmann rally…

The rally was a lively assault on Democrats in Congress and the White House. The emcee, talk radio host Chris Baker, drew cheers and laughter when he said the party in power in Washington is a “lying, thieving . . . bunch of commies.”

Many in the audience wore buttons with side-by-side images of Palin and Bachmann. One man’s a sweatshirt had an image of Mount Rushmore and the words “Right Wing Extremist: Guess I’m in Good Company.”

Betty Soban, an admiring constituent of Bachmann’s, said: “My family left Germany because of Hitler and socialized medicine. I see it happening here.” Important to her, she said, are “freedom of ownership. Freedom of our guns. Freedom of having babies.

It’s Palin’s party, for sure.

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