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Quick, Grab the Pitchforks and Throw the Teachers in Prison…..

… least that is the message coming from Wisconsin District Attorney, Scott Harold Southworth. What would compel this DA to seek jail and or prison for teachers? Gasp, condoms. Yep, condoms.

Apparently he has taken the moral crusade upon himself to prosecute any sex-education teachers that teach how to [gasp again] properly useccontraception. According to a memorandum (pdf) he sent to the Wisconsin School Districts that any teacher who provides any sex education beyond the scope of abstinence only that he will prosecute them for Contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

His reasoning? Teaching kids how to be responsible about their sexual activity is an automatic “sexual assault” if they are under the age of 18 (Wisconsin's age of consent.) It doesn't matter if both of the individuals involved are under 18 or not, it is still sexual assault. And because the teacher is encouraging them to have sex, they are culpable of the crime. [Again, this is the DA speaking, NOT me.]

This all was in response to a March 1, 2010 legislative mandate that requires sex education teachers to show and explain to students the proper use of contraception.

So, Michael Jones, over at has set up a petition that anyone and everyone should sign if they believe in the reduction of teen pregnancy, as well as reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. 

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