Obama will not destroy world to save your iPad Super MonkeyBall 2 app

Oh for AOL/Jesus  Christ’s sake! It appears that  the do-nothing  namby-pamby hopey-changey  Kenyan terrorist President is covering for his African 4-1-9  scammer friends in Nigeria and has totally  ruled out  dropping the big one on their jungle-country resulting in a blasted landscape of death not unlike Wyoming and some parts of Indiana.

Congresslady Michelle Bachmann, who has been Godsmacked so many times that the NFL is using her CAT scans to develop safer helmets, took time out from teaching Glossolalia 101 at the local Learning Annex to talk to a bunch of other Minnesota ladies who would normally be watching  Oprah and that lesbian funny lady who is not Joy Behar at that time of the day :

The Minnesota Republican opened her remarks by attacking the president’s recent decision to narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear arms.

“If, in fact, there is a nation who is compliant with all the rules ahead of time…if they fire against the United States a nuclear weapon, a biological weapon or maybe a cyber attack, we won’t be firing back with nuclear weapons,” Bachmann insisted.

“Doesn’t that make us feel safe?” she asked to a laughing audience.

Laughing? More like shrieking terror and possibly the kind of bladder leakage that  comes with a sudden unexpected sneeze at that age is more like it. In fact, this is so bad that Pat Buchanan, who invented the Nazi internet, was unable to comprehend the magnitude of this betrayal.

Matthews: She was saying that if we get hit with a cyberattack we should strike back with nuclear…

Buchanan: Well I see, you mean just computers. Do they mean computers?

Matthews: Yeah, that’s what she means.

Buchanan: or the attack in the atmosphere which?…

Matthews: No, no, no. She’s talking about cyberattack.

Buchanan: If they hack into your computer?

Matthews: If something is happening to our computer system, we just strike with nuclear weapons.

Buchanan: I don’t think I’d strike with nuclear weapons if they hacked into my computer, no.

God help us if the terrorists hack into Pat Buchanan’s computer and access his password into the private Vatican server that hosts nakedjonasbros.com. God help us all…

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