Gary Randall puts scare quotes around the wrong word

Pediatricians Concerned About “Homosexual” Misinformation in School is the title of Gary Randall’s latest blog post.  Really the scare quotes should go around the words “Pediatricians” and “Misinformation”.  Why?  Because the organization Randall cites, American College of Pediatricians, is nothing more than a junk science laundering facility that admits members based on their anti-LGBT ideology, not scientific credentials.  They are ideologues hell bent on spreading misinformation about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender human beings.

Randall must be looking covetously at Fulton, Mississippi’s town-wide bullying of LGBT students like Constance McMillan, Juin Baize and others living in silent fear.  I say this because today Randall cites ACP’s anti-gay “Facts About Youth” in an attempt to support the sick notion that LGBT students should be treated as “disordered” and “confused” rather than loved and supported.

The battle for our children continues, often under the guise of care and concern by some with a primary commitment to indoctrination and recruitment, others, simply misinformed. 

Alvin McEwan has very clearly described how ACP’s “Facts About Youth” is nothing more than the same old tired, much-debunked anti-LGBT bigotry dressed up to sound like impartial science.

Usually we say that imitation is a form of flattery, but in the case of the opinion-based ACP naming itself to sound like the science-based and American Academy of Pediatrics, there are clearly darker motives at play.  This deceptive misrepresentation of anti-LGBT bias as credible, authoritative science is just the kind of subterfuge Gary Randall has promoted time and time again.

Gary Randall is a retired Oregonian televangelist who is obsessed with Washington’s LGBT population.  Since 2004, he’s reached across state lines to sponsor two anti-gay statewide ballot measures in Washington (Referendum 65 and Referendum 71), stumped for anti-LGBT legislative and judicial candidates in two primaries, and plans to do so again this year (see March 9th post).


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