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Arlen Specter Still Thinking & Acting Like a Republican

Arlen Specter still thinks and acts like a Republican. At a Pennsylvania State University event, Specter said:

"I’m proud to have been endorsed by the College Republicans."

A YouTube video clip of the incident is available here.

Actually, the Senator–once a strong supporter of Presidents Nixon and Reagan–was wrong on two counts: first, it was the College Democrats at Penn State; and, secondly, they did not endorse him. David Catanese at Politico writes:

Speaking to a group of College Democrats at Penn State University on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania senator suffered an embarrassing slip of the tongue.

“I’m proud to have been endorsed by the College Republicans,” Specter said, before correcting himself.

According to the student newspaper, a campaign organizer called Specter out to correct him.

“Democrats,” the organizer said.

“Our policy statewide is very strictly nonendorsement,” said Sheppard. “Individual leaders can endorse as they see fit, but there’s no official endorsement by the organization,” he added.

In early February, Specter made a similar slip as he accepted the endorsement of the state’s Democratic committee when he struggled to recall the name of a key state senator he hopes to share the ballot with.

Congressman Joe Sestak, running against the long-time Republican turned Democrat Specter, used the opportunity to jab Specter (from the Politico article linked above):

“Thing is, Specter didn’t even earn any endorsement — Republican or otherwise. The Pennsylvania College Democrats aren’t endorsing. It’s even in their constitution,” quipped Sestak spokesman Jonathon Dworkin.

Jim Sheppard, the president of the Pennsylvania College Democrats, tells POLITICO Sestak’s campaign is correct.

Arlen is too old to be reelected again. The Senate needs new blood.

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