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MS heteros-only prom attendee's lesson from the Blend about thinking before posting on Facebook

I received this nonsense in my inbox yesterday.

from Holly


date Tue, Apr 6, 2010 at 8:53 PM

Please remove pictures from private party from your website. These were retrieved from my facebook without permission.



She was referring to this post and these photos, where no one is identified…

Yes, it was Itawamba Agricultural High School’s private party, where student Constance McMillen was not invited, but sent to a prom for pariahs in Fulton, MS, that includes in their minds, gay folks and the learning disabled. Given Holly, who is clearly less wise than her years compared to Constance, is unclear about the world of social media, I decided to do a little email teach-in.


Unfortunately your Facebook profile was public, therefore you gave permission for the whole world to see and distribute your information. The photos aren't coming down.

Just so you know, I didn't obtain the photos from your Facebook page anyway, I retrieved them from La Figa, after finding  them because the Facebook page was public. Who knows how many sites are now featuring your HS friends enjoying the heterosexuals-only prom.

Sadly, too many young people don't think before they publicly post photos or messages that they may later regret. On the Internet it is forever, and future colleges and employers will now see these images floating around the web with unflattering commentary because you chose not to take advantage of Facebook's very clear privacy features to begin with. They were available to you the moment you opened the account, and in fact, your account's now using them, but it's too late to do damage control because of poor judgment.

Perhaps I'd consider taking them down if you and your friends, and your parents publicly apologize to all of the students sent to the "other" prom as pariahs.


She was clearly proud of the public prom photos before the proverbial sh*t hit the fan. I hope that Holly thinks about the ramifications of the hateful, self-absorbed and cruel behavior they publicly inflicted on Constance and those other students. The choices they made were conscious ones, and they were enabled by adults who should have known better. Instead their focus was on hypocritical piety about which sins they are willing to accept in their community.

Apologies need to come from the people in Fulton who saw nothing wrong in what they did. It’s one thing to harbor personal homophobia and bias against the disabled, it’s another to act on it and teach that public cruel, bullying behavior is acceptable.

Do you think there will be any apology to the students who were sent to the fake prom?

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Pam Spaulding