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Why being pro-noninterventionist is more accurate than being anti-war

When I or my fellow Ron Paul supporter friends talk about war, we usually talk about the hundreds of military bases we have around the world and the lives impacted by airstrikes in Afghanistan and the impact of defense contractors in Iraq. We agree that there should be no defense contractors in any nation, no military bases in any nation, and definitely no unwanted airstrikes in Afghanistan or Pakistan where the CIA is engaging in war. In the end we agree that preemptive war is not only unconstitutional, but dictatorial. Unlike my neoconservative and neoliberal friends, I opposed Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and will continue to oppose both wars under Obama. Just because Obama’s president doesn’t mean much change will occur. Obama is doing the same things that Bush has done when it comes to our foreign policy and anyone who says otherwise needs a mental evaluation, seriously.

However, I also want to attack the anti-war movement for making the dumbest mistake in the world by declaring that "anyone but Bush" was a winning mantra. It wasn’t, just ask Code Pink and their support for the war in Afghanistan. Alot of the anti-war activists are now saying that maybe it was a good idea to go to war after all and sometimes when I hear my friends say that while we’re in class, I feel the urge to smack them upside their head. Sadly, the only anti-war protestor I admire now is Cindy Sheehan for her consistency. The anti-war movement also has another flaw in their logic.

The anti-war movement is making another mistake by not supporting the idea of closing all our military bases around the world, pulling all troops from both nations, and returning to a "humble foreign policy" as Ron Paul has advocated for. Sadly, if you advocate for these common sense solutions, you would be called an isolationist by the neoconservatives and from neoliberals as well. This is why we should be supporting noninterventionism where we can still talk to other nations and not get in their business. The noninterventionist movement which I am advocating would concentrate on talking about such policies in a constructive manner instead of overheated rhetoric and "Bush as Hitler" signs. We must be nonviolent at all times and when a stupid neocon says "support the troops!" respond, "support the troops, end the war!"

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I am a libertarian who supported Ron Paul in the 2008 elections and I intend to support him in 2012. I am an open minded college student who has joined atheist, socialist, and feminist organizations to understand their message and to convey my message of liberty in an effective manner. I am up for debate but I always know when we can reach common ground. I live in West Texas and have lived here for my life. I love to listen to progressive metal like Dream Theater, thrash metal like Metallica and Pantera, but I love to eat all sorts of food that tickle my taste buds.