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Watercooler – WikiLeaks Under Fire

Yesterday, released a graphic video showing two Iraqi journalists apparently getting killed by US troops. The video has renewed debate over whether the site goes too far in its efforts to shed light on secretive information:

The Army Counterintelligence Center report pointed to a number of documents posted on WikiLeaks to highlight what it termed the site’s “insider threat” to the Department of Defense. In 2007, for instance, the site made public an extensive database of US Army equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan. This information could enable foreign terrorist groups and Iraqi insurgents to identify unit capabilities and vulnerabilities, said the Army report.

“Such information could aid enemy forces in planning terrorist attacks,” judged the Counterintelligence Center. WikiLeaks’ ability to keep its sources secret is a key to its existence, noted the Army. Yet the report claimed that the group’s software could be vulnerable to a cyberattack. “It remains technically feasible … to gain online access or physical access to information systems to identify and trace whistleblowers through cyberinvestigations,” said the Army report on the group. The study noted that some in the US credit WikiLeaks as a prime example of the necessity of freedom of the press.

So what do the Seminal readers think about WikiLeaks: beacon of free speech or national security threat? I can see validity on both sides of the argument, especially since this type of reporting has no established protocol or standards.

What’s on your mind tonight?

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss