War is hell… just like a Wang Chung video

Former VH1 producer turned Mediaite media critic & moral philosopher Colby Hall is deep thinkin’ on the  kill-them-all-let-God-sort-them-out-and-the-Pentagon-will-cover- your-tracks WikiLeaks video:

While in some respects, WikiLeaks should be lauded for getting information out, the way that this is presented goes beyond responsible. “Indiscriminate” implies hit-or-miss or thoughtless. But this video clearly demonstrates that not to be the case. The military personnel recorded on the tape audibly mistook the camera for an RPG, a weapon that can, and has, taken down Apache Helicopters. While this is a horribly sad and terrible instance of the horrors of war, the military personnel were clearly fearing for their own lives. Not to diminish the tragedy, but to present it as indiscriminate reveals a larger agenda that belittles everyone involved.

Let’s go to the stills….

Let’s see: a bunch of guys standing around talking on cell phones, obviously either unaware or unafraid of Apache helicopters hovering in the distance, and then the Apache “engages” ( “keep shoot’n…keep shoot’n… keep shoot’n“) firing on them all, then  we hear one of the Americans hoping a wounded crawling man reaches for what the gunner hopes/thinks/doesn’t really give a shit is a weapon so he can unload on him again, then a van shows up and men try to load the wounded man into it and then they get gunned down …. and this is not “indiscriminate”? Shooting the fucking wounded? Really?

Obviously Colby Hall’s distaste for WikiLeaks has deeper roots, possibly in their use of on-screen captions which is totally a rip-off  of his Pop-Up Videos. Let it go man….

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