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Right-Wingers Absolutely Furious That Obama Not Threatening to Nuke Everyone

Pictured: Erick Erickson reacts to Obama's new nuclear policy


President Obama said Monday that he was revamping American nuclear strategy to substantially narrow the conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons.

Well, this oughta be fun.

Powertools sees yet another Munich.

The problem is that our enemies understand symbolism and maybe take it too seriously. To them, today’s announcement is another sign that our government has gone soft, and one more inducement to undertake aggressive action against the United States.

Erick Erickson wonders,

How many Americans are going to die because of the Obama administration’s incompetent handling of our national security?

(ed. note: Hopefully fewer than under George W. Bush, Erick!)

Noted tough guy and decorated keyboard warrior Dan Riehl spits,

We can’t get this weakling out of the WH fast enough.

Atlas Juggs predicts our looming national date rape.

Obama says to our enemies, bring it on, we won’t fight ya — leaving us bare naked vulnerable like a virgin slipped a Rohypnol on her first date with a Chicagoland gangsta.

And Roger L. Simon asks exactly the same rhetorical questions he always asks.

What are we to make of this and the man who is adopting this policy? Does he hate us? Does he hate this country?

Speaking of America-haters: St. Reagan of California wanted to abolish nuclear weapons.

Have a nice day, morans.

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