A point that Glenn Greenwald is now driving home. This slaughter is not an aberration. Not just a few bad apples. I have been saying this for years. Go out and talk with returned and returning soldiers. Go listen and watch the Iraq and Afghanistan Returning Winter Soldiers testimonies that took place a few years ago. The MSM barely touched these hearings. Go out and talk with returning soldiers with understanding that their lives were misused by the the Bush administration in an extremely destructive way.

Glen Greenwald

"I was just on Democracy Now along with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange discussing the Iraq video they released yesterday, and there’s one vital point I want to emphasize. Shining light on what our government and military do is so critical precisely because it forces people to see what is really being done and prevents myth and propaganda from distorting those realities. That’s why the administration fights so hard to keep torture photos suppressed, why the military fought so hard here to keep this video concealed (and why they did the same with regard to the Afghan massacre), and why whistle-blowers, real journalists, and sites like WikiLeaks are the declared enemy of the government. The discussions many people are having today — about the brutal reality of what the U.S. does when it engages in war, invasions and occupation — is exactly the discussion which they most want to avoid."

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